Terms and Conditions

1) Products are delivered to local site only.

2) Axision has ownership of the delivery items before the customer has settled 100% of the total invoiced amount.

3) For hardware and software products, delivery will be arranged only after all goods available.

4) Company will issue partial bill in the case partial shipment is requested by customer.

5) Customer must settle the deposit before delivery or start the job.

6) Job should be kicked off within 60 days after all goods available or 90 days upon confirmation of the order.

7) 2% surcharge for every 14 days delay of agreed project schedule.

8) User Acceptance Testing Report or Job Completed Letter have to be confirmed and signed within 7 days upon job completion. If failure to do so, service invoice will be billed based on service job sheet.

9) In the event that the Buyer does not collect the Products at the agreed date of delivery, Axision shall arrange for storage of the Products at the risk and expense of the Buyer. The Buyer shall be liable for any costs arising from such delay, including Axision’s costs relating to storage, insurance and handling of the Products. If not otherwise agreed the costs for storage shall be 0.5 % of full invoice value of the purchase order, per commenced month. Axision shall be entitled to resell the Products ordered by the Purchaser in the event that the Purchaser does not collect the Products within four weeks of the delivery date.

10) The customer acknowledges and confirms that the goods will be used for civil purposes only and will not be used in connection with nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons or missiles capable of delivering such weapons.

11) All decisions belong to Axision Hong Kong.

Warranty : Subject to manufacturer's, one year carry-in maintenance only.

Delivery : Hong Kong delivery within 2-4 weeks upon order confirmation or subject to manufacturer's delivery. 

Validity : Valid 14 days from quotation issue day.

1. 工作人員需為香港法例認可在港工作人士;
2. 工作人員需為香港勞工法例認可合資格人士;
3. 工序必須使用合適工具及符合職業安全, 並為合資格人士使用;
4. 外判公司必須為此項目工作人士負責勞工保險等相關保障;
5. 外判工作人士所有保險索償, 法例責任由負責項目外判公司負責承擔;